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Manage, Lead, and Grow your business through obtaining your custom-made mobile application and website menu, designed around your specific requirements to ensure fulfilling not only your business needs but also your customers satisfaction and loyalty


Bob Serves

BOB architectural design is built to fulfill different business domains. The flexibility BoB provides facilitates customizing the application to meet your objectives and deliver value.

Online Stores


Retail Shops


Sweets Shops

Coffee Houses

Grow Your Businesses


Grow Your Businesses

Your business will become part of our family, and We will grow up the opportunity for our clients and increase the number of customers based on our Unique approach: One Account For the End-Users.

BOB enhancing the User Experience, grants more safety for the end-user through limiting their location shares, more efficient way to handle the tasks, and opens a door of future opportunities to gain new customers

Sign Up & Access

Once the user registers for one app, he/she can have access other apps throught sign in only.

BOB Coins

The end-user will earn BOB Coins and redeem them through multiple merchants.


How BoB’s Business intelligence tools will help your business?

BoB BI tools provide with answers to a set of important questions that will enrich your decision making process.

  1. Which product is generating the most sales?
  2. What product creative is converting best?
  3. What customers buy repeatedly?
  4. Where did these customers come from?
  5. When did these customers like to buy your products/services?
  6. How do they reach their desired products?
  7. How many of them respond to push notifications, coupons and other forms of marketing communication?
How BoB’s Business intelligence tools will help your business?

100% Ownership

We don’t limit the number of products, users or the monthly sales. Even if your business have tens of thousands of products and millions of orders, you will pay NO extra fees! BoB guarantee.


Our custom-built servers and 24/7 experts deliver breakthrough performance that grows with your businesses. SSL Certificate the Solution Includes An SSL certificate to keep customers informed and business data secure.

24/7 Support

24/7 customer support , if any problem happened or any question. Through our live chat or customer service center .


All our updates are automatic, you will receive the latest features immediately, without any hassle.

Digital Marketing And SEO

A digital marketing campaign for your mobile application on social media platforms, along with the best practices of SEO. Easily control your meta tags, visible sitemap, and robots.txt files.


We provide integrations to third-party platforms, well as. Now you can leverage other systems, instead of being limited to only our set of available services.

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