Digital Commerce Platform

Manage & Track Your Business From One Place

Omni-Channel customer experience data platform

Manage offline & online sales channels, Items Catalog ,Branches, API integrations and Supply Chain from One Customer Platform

Sales Dashboard

All Your Orders in One Place

Omni Channel Platform

Online & Offline

By ensuring that the three orders flows (delivery, pick up, and in-house) have a customized and dynamic order status to fit all your sales channels.

Starting with first party data integration (in-house orders) such as starting from Quick Order product where the customer can scan and order through QR code, screen order, cloud point of sale for call center and from the cashier Mobile POS.

Integrated with second party your online channels where the customer can order through your own website and mobile application.

With the third-party data integration like food apps and social media apps (Including Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp shops).

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Sales Dashboard

Business Intelligence

Keep Tracking Your Analytics Anytime from Anywhere

Collect data in real-time from multiple Sales channels & Orders and move it into a data lake, the fast diction making Dashboard that makes your growth faster and barometer of brand appeal and customer interests.

In the simplest terms, it looks at how effectively a business communicates with its customers, answering questions like:
What channels do people perfer? Or, how responsive are they to different marketing compaigns?

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Products Analytics
Customer Analytics
Sales Analytics

Zero Code Products

Stop Waisting Time On Development

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Zero-Code Mobile App
Be In Control With Team App

Zero-Code Website Builder (Drag and Drop)

Build Your Unique Online Presence

BOB simple drag-and-drop components builder lets you quickly create, launch, and optimize unlimited components any time

  • -Turn more traffic into revenue.
  • -Easy mode to customized themes built for multi business types.
  • -Dynamic sections and components make you design anything you want in anytime.

Say goodbye to expensive, complicated landing page software and development (sorry, developers!)

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Quick Order "Offline & E-Commerce"

Make it easy to shop & buy

Through Web App E-commerce

With BOB the role of e-commerce in digital transfomation is one of the main important epics.

Using e-commerce, the customer will choose the order flow starting with delivery, pickup, and in-house orders, with a conversion tool to make the customer install the mobile app to track orders and get gift cards.

The QR menu that receives orders and payments

Keeping your menu up to date will keep your customer always informed about the products you offer. With Demana you will be able to add new products or menus anytime you want so you can customize your menu every day. We also give you the option to hide products to prevent your customers from finding out the dish they want to order is not available anymore.

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Zero-Code Mobile App

Mobile app in minutes without any code ENGAGE WITH YOUR Loyal CUSTOMERS, BY owning YOUR custom designed mobile app.

With BOB mobile App, your app is integrated with all your products, from your landing page to e-commerce, where you can track the conviction from landing page, e-commerce after ordering, also from offline shops BOB mobile apps are connected with the web / mobile point of sale where customer can redeem offline coupons and gift cards.

Mobile apps help businesses engage with customers better and help marketers to identify customer behavior to create personalized and localized messages and suggested items to improved sales.

Zero-Code Mobile App

Be In Control With Team App

Assigning roles guarantees more effective, start with optimize workflow.

A minor improvement in employee engagement rate contributes to bigger profits. Also, mobile applications help employees connect with business activities from anywhere.

You don't need Cash System, use the real time data.

A mobile point-of-sale system, also known as an mPOS or point-of-sale app, turns a smartphone or tablet into a cash register. This allows merchants to accept payments virtually anywhere — all you need is a device, the mPOS platform and an internet connection.

With BOB Team App, give your in-house casher a point of sale from mobile, with bar code reader easily can scan and add items, and a QR code reader to verify customers gift cards and coupons.

Be In Control With Team App

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An easy way to shop, awesome feedback from our customers, high-efficiency service, the best platform can manage integration with live data with our point of sale.”

Alaa Qashour

We are Managing out online kitchen in an easy way, by managing all orders in one place, sharing the google map driver with the driver gave us a high efficiency, keep going guys.”

Khalil Nunu Owner of Yum Burger

Excellent Experience, BOB Apps have become a major asset for my business.”

Keep On Going ! Very Easy to use and it exceeded my expectations.”

For a Global Brand, I found BOB to be the quickest and most dyysolution in the market ! Would Highly recommend.”

Great Support and Excellent Experience, I was very satisfied with the result I got.”

FAQs & Learning

could i have a online payment for the free plan ?

yes, we can make an integration with our partners, no fees for subscription , only one time payment for setup, you can recive orders with online payment, using your free plan

how could i recive and mange the order from the E-commerce?

"when a user create order from your e-commerce, the order willwork to four main status - pending - under. procsess - under deliver - delivered - canceled orders and you can move the status for the order between the satuts for free, watch the video "

theres an SEO keywords for free plan ?

yes, theres A product SEO, and could be integrated with SEO tools if you have your own domain

could i integrate the Free E-commerce with google Analytics ?

yes, but you should have your own domain

Can I integrate the free E-commerce with Facebook Pixel ?

yes, but you should have your own domain

How many Items can I upload?

You can upload as many items as you like, if you have a few items it can be done easily through our add items wizard, if not, simply use our UPLOAD CSV option to upload thousands of items in one click

What's in it for BOB Apps giving a Free Account for Life?

"If you're just getting started in the digital and e-commerce world, we want to give you the opportunity to start, your success is our success, by that you are giving us a chance to succeed by using and referring our platform. If you have store, your E-commerce is first step to digitalize your business, we want to show you what is after E-commerce, such as Omni Channel Experience, Customer Data Platform and more Digital Tools to get your business up and running online. and yes, we believe that the Technology is a Right for Everyone, and we made our product based on it."

What do you need to start selling on your website ?

Your items, your passion, and a goal

Are there any additional Fees or costs on my free account features?

No,100% free unlimited orders and unlimited items when creating your account with your url/domain name as follows [your store name]

How do I start ?

The first step to benefiting and strengthening the site is to upload the products, after that getting traffic will be a matter of time, Of course, it is possible to market the site or product links to convert customers from (visitors to shoppers) , learn more by watching the video

Is my account really Free for life ?

Yes ! your freemium account is for life

Tell me more about the Freemium Package?

We offer, through the link and the website, to anyone interested in expanding their experience in the field of e-commerce through a free account for life Through which you can Offer unlimited products - Develop offers and discounts and market them through links for each product in a category - Receiving and organizing orders Building a customer base Intelligent analytics and reports And more, according to your needs and requirements for the nature of the work